Winter Styles I Love

winter styles


I feel like it’s been forever since I have posted a outfit inspiration post. Well it really was forever ago, way back in July! Plus it was summer styles that I loved. It’s freezing cold outside now, and I want to share what I am digging this winter. Of course you can never go wrong with boots, leggings and scarves. Three essentials I love during the cold months of the year. Do you have any absolute favorite essential clothing items you can’t live without during the winter time? Share with us. We might all be missing out on something great and amazing!


1: Asymmetrical tops: For Christmas I got a Kohl’s gift card from my in-laws to go shopping. It has been fun, and I have found some great things. I purchased a couple asymmetrical tops. One sweater that I am super excited to wear with a great pair of leggings or skinny jeans.  Here is a link to a great asymmetrical top I found online.

assemetrical top

Scarves, Scarves & Scarves:  In my opinion a outfit can never go wrong if you add a cute scarf to it. It doesn’t matter how you tie it, it’s going to look cute. I am digging the new blanket scarves lately. I haven’t scored one for myself yet, but I love them. I will have one soon. Target has super cute scarves. Every time I go there I see a cute one that I think I need, but of course I have refrained from buying any this winter yet.. I have a problem. I know! My husband likes to call them my rags I hang around my neck. I have them all hanging in our closet on hangers. He will often say, ” how many rags do you need?”. 🙂 Last winter my sister and I skyped and made scarves. They are super easy to make and cheaper then buying them sometimes. Check out my link to DIY: infinity scarves.

blanket scarf



Here is a great scarf that I wearing today. Plaid is in ladies! I love this scarf of mine because I can through it on with so many different colors.

Boots: Riding boots, snow boots, booties, lace ups and ankle boots. They are all great for the winter months. I own five pairs of boots currently. I am a country girl so I have 2 pairs of cowboy boots, a pair of muck boots my sweet husband got me for Christmas, and a black and brown pair of riding boots. I love to shop Targets clearance racks for shoes. I scored both pairs of riding boots last March for about 15 bucks a piece. I was so excited! I am waiting to snatch up a great ankle boot this year off the clearance racks. What are your favorite boots this season??


Leggings: I wear leggings the majority of the week in the winter time. You can toss them on with any sweater, tunic, or long top. Also don’t forget the boots with those leggings. You will be the talk of the town. Just kidding, but really. Leggings look great. I feel dressed up when I have leggings and a great sweater with boots on. Oh and they are comfortable! I choose them over any great pair of jeans. Some places that I have purchased my leggings at are and  They both have fabulous deals.


I hope what I have shared is helpful to you all. I have a really simple wardrobe and I think that’s what it is all about. Keep it simple but classy. Right??