Winter Snowflake Decorative Banner

Winter is among us, even if we don’t want it to be. This winter banner is perfect for Christmas decor but could be left up for the winter months as well. I love to have DIY projects that have a multipurpose. This Snowflake Winter Banner does just that!

I am not going to lye to you though. These snowflakes take a little bit of time to cut out, but trust me it’s worth the time. Plus its cold outside so, you need some fun projects to keep you busy inside. Plus this banner is very inexpensive to make. That makes it even more inviting to make, right? I found this amazing tutorial at Holly Brooke Jones.She has all kinds of great projects on her blog. Don’t forget to check her out and follow her on her social media accounts.


DIY Winter Snowflake Felt Banner Tutorial. Great for the winter months and holidays! #diy #snowflake Click To Tweet

You will need some good stiff felt in white or your desired color, some Ric-rac or ribbon, sharp scissors, a hot glue gun or fabric glue, sequins, or any fun embellishments if you want to add to your snowflakes. I didn’t have any, but they could be added later if desired. Be sure to go to Holly Brooke Jones: DIY Snowflake Felt Banner Tutorial for all the directions! You can download the pattern for the snowflakes on her blog too. The pattern makes it a lot easier to get the perfect snowflakes out.



I cut out all these pretty snowflakes out while watching TV with my hubby. The kids were in bed and it is out relaxing time. It was the perfect time to cut out snowflakes! I hope you enjoy this great tutorial, and we can all thank Holly for sharing! Happy Holidays!