Reasons You Need A Pelican Water Filter System

**This is a sponsored post in partnership with Pelican Water . All opinions are mine.**

Reasons You Need A Pelican Water Filter System

Are you in the market for a water filtering system for your home? We bought a out in the country home about 2 years ago, and the well water we have is super hard water. We have a water softener, but it needs more. The hard water is so hard on all my appliances, faucets and plumbing. I have found products that will clean that hard water off my faucets, but then just a couple days later it’s right back on there. Yuck!! I can’t really change the hard water situation I have going on but we have taken actions to filter out water.

About a year ago we had our local water works company (that check on our water softener for us every so often) put in a reverse osmosis system under our kitchen sink. We pay so much a month to rent that system, but it’s worth every penny we pay. We can actually drink our water now. Before it was so gross, and we would buy bottled water all the time. The amount of money we were spending a month on bottled water evens out in the end with this system.

I was contacted to do a review on one of  Pelican Water counter top water filter systems that hooks onto your kitchen faucet. Of course I am the perfect person for this product, and needed it. I had never heard about this brand of water filtering systems before. I love how easy and simple this product is to hook up. I didn’t even need to call my husband to help me hook it up. That is the kind of product all of us mama’s need right??

The water was filtered and it tastes just like nice clean water we all want to drink, rather then that salty whatever water. My sweet little 4 year old even loved it. She said, ” did that water come from the kitchen sink mom? It tastes so much better now mom!”

To get a full on water osmosis system put in your house and to purchase it was going to cost us $500 dollars. We might eventually do this, but after buying the house we had little money to play around with for this kind of stuff. Pelican products are perfectly priced and can fit anyone’s budget.

Another great thing that Pelican has on their website is a hydration calculator. It’s so important to stay hydrated. Check out their hydration calculator.

Out the mouth of babes there everyone. It tastes so much better with Pelican counter top water filter system for your home. To learn more about Pelican products head to their website today!


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