Top How 2’s For: Container Plants

Top How 2's for caontainer plants

Summer is almost here, and I am itching to get out there and plant all my flowers. I do have a pretty good size flower bed that I grow quite a few flowers and plants in. Even though I have that I still like to do some hanging plants and flowers in pots to spruce up for front porch. However, I don’t always have the greenest thumb out there. I have some of my pots and hanging baskets that just don’t do well. Every year for Mother’s day my husband and I get our mom’s hanging flowers, so I thought what a great time to write this post. I hope that these tips are helpful for your container plants this summer season. If you have any tips that you would like to share I would love to hear from you. Leave you comments below in the comment area. Happy gardening!

Here are some of my hanging plants from a couple years ago. I was super proud of these ones that year. They turned out so big and pretty


1: Picking plants & pots

When picking your pots be sure to pick pots that have holes in the bottom for drainage. Also I like my pots to match sorta of. That way you have a color scheme going on. When picking what kind of flowers to plant in your pots be sure to pair your plants correctly that are going to go in the same pot. This means colors and exposure. You cant put one flower in a pot that needs lots of sun and one that needs shade together.

2: Soil

Be sure to use good potting soil. I have never used just plain dirt in my pots. The potting soil has great nutrients that the container plants need. I like to use Miracle Grow Potting Soil. It has worked for me beautifully.

3: Planting

When you go to plant your flowers be sure you don’t plant them too deep. I like to fill the pot about 1/3 of the way full with soil, then loosen up the roots of your flower. Place the plant in the pot and cover with more soil. Water to settle the soil.

4: Weather Conditions

If you live where it snows: watch for late freezes. I live in northern Wyoming and it’s not uncommon to have snow in May here. If it does freeze once you have planted your pots be sure to bring your plants inside before hand.

5: Watering

Always water at the roots, and only when needed. Over watering will kill your potted plants. It’s nice to use pots that have drainage holes in the bottom. I will water my plants until there is water dripping out the bottom. This way you know they are soaked clear through.

6: Fertilizer

Your plants need to be fertilized through out the season. I like to put a little miracle grow on my plants every so often to give them a little extra nutrients. Also I have hear that Osmocote Flower and Vegetable fertilizer is a great fertilizer to use as well. Also be sure to discard of the dead flowers that are in your pots. This way new ones can produce and grow.