Top Grocery Shopping Apps

grocery apps

Are you tired of forgetting what you need at the grocery store because you forgot your shopping list?? I know that I have done this multiple times. We always have our smartphones in our back pocket, so why not use it to help you grocery shop?? Throw those sticky notes away and download one of these great apps. They are all free, so what’s there to lose?? Grocery shopping can be a huge job, but these apps will help make it as easy as 1-2-3.
Out of Milk
This app lets you make a grocery, pantry or to do list that you can access the next time you are grocery shopping. This is great because when you run out of something you can just add it to the list and then you already have a list created when you go to the store. It’s also great because you can add items by voice command or by scanning the bar code. With the pantry list you can add things you already have in your pantry, so no more buying jelly when you already have it.
Grocery iQ
This is a great app for grouping items in categories. That way you can get all the items you need from one section of the grocery store. No more running back and forth to the dairy section a million times. This is a great app because when you don’t have your phone on hand you can add items right from your computer. How convenient is that?? An extra bonus to this app is if you have multiple store you like to shop at you can make a list for each store. Then also store coupons from that store as well.
If you have certain allergies to food, or just want to eat healthier this is the app for you. This app provides medical advice on food for your age, gender, dietary conditions or medical needs. With the bar code scanner you can scan items in the store to see if it will meet your needs.
Sometimes it is hard to believe if the labels on food are correct. This app will help to ease your worries of eating something you can’t have, or don’t want to put in your body. Once you have scanned the item it will give the food a letter grade to how good or bad it is for you.
Food on the Table
Sometimes we just plain run out of ideas of what to cook. This is the app for all those moments when you question what to have for dinner. You can put in things that your family likes to eat, and it will match those with other recipes that your family might like. Better than that it will give you the stores with the best prices of where to get the items for the recipes.