Top Grilling Tips


We love to grill at my house no matter what the season. Summer of course we do more of it, but we still love to do it all year long. We got our propane grill for a wedding present almost 6 years ago. We really wanting an update so we can continue to grill. We still make our old grill work because we love it so much. Maybe for fathers day I will be able to surprise my husband with a new one. 🙂


Here is what I believe to be some of the top grilling tips:

1: Flavoring your food

  • You can flavor your food with coatings such as honey, maple syrup or molasses. You do so by brushing your food before grilling it.
  • There are different rubs such as dry and wet rubs to season with. They can be a combination of herbs and spices.
  • You can also marinade it with a liquids that can be bought in the store or homemade.

Often times I like to use BBQ sauce such as Baby Rays for a coating for pork or chicken. I will marinade the pork or chicken beforehand in the sauce and brush more on while grilling.

With hamburgers and steaks I will just sprinkle garlic salt on it as well as pepper. With lamb steaks or chops I use lots of garlic salt and lemon pepper to season them.


2: Adding Smoke

  • Depending on what sort of grill you use will depend on the different taste your food will have as well. Some grills use hardwood logs that have different flavors to them. This flavor will transfer to your meat.

3: Having a clean start

  • You need to make sure that your grill crate is nice and clean before grilling on it. If it is not clean it will transfer to the food you are grilling. You can clean this by hand or with different grilling brushes that can be purchased.

4: Greasing before grilling

  • To help your food from sticking to your grill crate you will need to brush it with oil. After oiling it rub the excess oil off with paper towels.

5: Keep from contamination

  • To make sure you don’t get any contamination before to use different plates or utensils when the meat is raw and when it is fully cooked.

6: Lining it up

  • Lay your food in all same direction and move it from left to right. This will help you get everything cooked evenly.

7: Timing it

  • Food will continue to cook once it comes off the grill so it is important to reach your desired doneness. You can do this with thermometers or by the firmness of the meat. Check the meat by slicing it in the thickest part to check for doneness.


Hope you can all put these grilling tips to good use and get out there and grill. It doesn’t matter the season you can grill all year long.