Top 10 Kitchen Tools Your Kitchen Can’t Live Without!



We all have different tools we use often in our kitchen. These tools make our lives easier, cooking easier and are just plain nice to have around. I want to share 10 different, amazing tools that you are going to want in your kitchen. Every kitchen needs these tools!

1:Pyrex glass measuring cups:

I love my Pyrex measuring cups. They are great for measuring out liquids. They are nice and sturdy. I have have my 1 cup and 2 cup one for 6 years now. They have never broke. I love that they have a handle on them for easy carrying to your mixing bowl. You can purchase them here on amazon.  

2: Wooden cutting board

I love my big wooden cutting board. It works so great for cutting just about everything. They seem like they would be hard to take care of, but they aren’t. Just be sure you don’t put them in the dishwasher. My friend actually did that, and advises against it. 🙂 Here is a great board on amazon. 

3: Kitchen Aid

I use my kitchen aid all the time. I use to have just a hand held mixer until my husband got me a kitchen aid. It makes the job of mixing cookies, bread, beating egg and mashing potatoes so much quicker. They come in all sorts of colors and you can purchase one here.

4: Hamilton Water Kettle

These are really nice for heating water up faster then just boiling it. I will heat up my water for tea, hot coco, boiling noodles, you name it you can boil you water fast with this Hamilton Water Kettle. 

5: Can opener

This smooth edge can opener is great. There are some meals that you need to open lots of cans for your dish. This can opener will make it easy. The nice thing is that it cuts the top of your can and leaves the edges smooth. This is great because you know you wont be cutting your hand on that can. You can purchase one on amazon here.

6: Non-stick 

I love my non-stick pans. They are seriously the easiest to care for as well. The top reason for this is because things don’t stick to them if you care for them correctly. This means that cleaning is so easy. Most times all you have to do is wipe them clean with a paper towel. You can purchase one here.

7: Rubber Spatulas

I use rubber spatulas all the time. Especially because I know they are not going to scratch my non-stick pans. They are great for scraping out a bowl of cake batter and for stirring vegetables in a pan. Rubber spatulas are a must tool in your kitchen. Purchase them here on amazon.

8: Pampered Chef Food Chopper

I love, love, love this pampered chef food chopper. I don’t have one personally, but my mom does. I love using it when I cook in her kitchen. I do think that my kitchen and every kitchen needs one of these. One thing that I love chopping with it is onions. The aroma from the onions is less intense when you use this chopper. That means less crying right?? You can purchase one of these choppers here.

9: Digital kitchen scale

Every kitchen needs a scale for weighing food. This is especially handy when dieting and watching portions. Which we all should be doing. To make your recipes the most accurate a scale will help you with that. You can purchase a great one here.

10: Serving bowls

After making all that great food in your kitchen you will want to share it with your loved ones. Every kitchen needs a set of great serving bowls. I believe that the food you are serving should be served in serving ware as fancy as your food is. Here is a great set of serving bowls sold on amazon.