Tips on Cutting an Onion Without the Tears

cutting onion

I use onions a lot when I cook. I mean almost every meal I cook I use an onion. Crazy I know, but we love onions in my house. I swear there is not a day that I cut an onion that I don’t cry. I mean eyes get so teary that I can’t even see to finish cutting the onion. It could be dangerous I know. Cutting an onion with tear filled eyes. I have been doing my research to figure out some different tips that would help me not cry when I cute onions. Here is what I came up with:
1: Use an extra sharp knife so that you can cut the onion quickly. This also helps with not having to saw at the onion and break down the cells.
2: Cut the onion under the vent of your stove. This will suck the smell of the onion into the vent instead of you smelling it.
3: Lighting a candle and cut your onion next to the candle. Make sure it is an extra strong candle. This will help drown out the smell from the onion.
4: Chewing a really minty piece of gum. All our senses are connected right?? So if you are chewing or eating something else while cutting an onion it should drown it out.
5: Refrigerate the onion. I will sometimes only use half an onion and use the other half the next day. I find that after it is refrigerated it helps so much, and stops those tears. (Hint: don’t leave your onion in the fridge for a long period of time. It could cause the rest of your fridge to smell and taste like onions.)
6: Cut the ends of the onion off and soak it in water for about 15 minutes before cutting. This pulls the sulfuric compounds from the onion into the water making the onion milder.
7: Purchasing onion cutting goggles from amazon. Yes there is such a thing. Check them out. It might just do the trick for you.

I hope these tips will stop your tears while cutting onions. Please share any other tips you have for others in the comment area below. I would love to hear more tips!