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Easy Freezer Meals With MyFreezEasy

I am going to admit something to you all that I am not proud of, and I would like to change. I have a meal planning problem! The clock hits 5 PM, and I am scrambling to figure out what to feed my family for dinner. I think to myself why do I do this to myself? I could meal plan, or make meals a head of time, make freezer meals and this would make my life so much easier. As a family of 4 and two crazy kiddos we like to eat at home together. We have at least one meal together each day and that’s an important bonding time for our little family. I was excited to discover My Freeze Easy to take away to stress of preparing dinner for my family each night. Freezer cooking can be a game changer in preparing meals last minute. First of all, you wouldn’t be preparing them last minute. You could pick a day and prepare 10 different dinner meals in about an hour with My Freeze Easy’s program.

Freezeeasy’s meal plans lets you make 10 dinners in an hour and spend about $70-80 dollars for ingredients. The recipes are delicious and hand chosen to prepare and freeze. When you are ready to have that meal you prepared & froze you just have to thaw it over night. Then you can toss it in the oven or crock pot.
I love crock pot meals for super busy hectic days and the oven meals can be used for the weekends. The crock pot meals are especially great during the hot summer days. Then you don’t even have to fire up your oven and heat your house up. It’s a win/win situation this My Freeze Easy program. 
The program use to only have a handful of menus to select from, but guess what they now give you with your membership 8 different menus to pick from each month!


Traditional: 5 different meals & shopping list
Gluten-Free: 5 different meals & shopping list
Slow Cooker: 5 different meals & shopping list
Clean Eats: 5 different meals & shopping list
All Chicken Meals: 5 different dishes & shopping list
All Ground Beef Meals: 5 different dishes & shopping list
All Pork Meals: 5 different dishes & shopping list
20 additional meals included as well! 
These menus also include all the instructions to prep the dishes. 
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