Spring Wreaths Inspired by Pinterest

pinterest inspired spring wreaths

This week for Skype & Craft my sister and I decided we need to make cute Spring wreaths for our front doors. I know it sure doesn’t feel like spring out there, but I am hopeful that its coming soon. We did have a little peek at it a week or so ago. We had 50 degrees most days but now it’s down to freezing cold out there again. I am still hopeful though 🙂 When we decided to make these wreaths I turned to good ol’ Pinterest for inspiration of course. It’s where I go for inspiration for most things. What did we ever do before we had the amazing Pinterest. Who know right?? My sister decided to go with a cute wire wreath with burlap. It turned out so cute, and I just might have to make one of them one of these days. I did Burlap as well but I wrapped it around a 16″ straw wreath. They both turned out super cute. We also both went with the last name initial for our wreaths as well. I love them and it just gives them character. Wreaths are super fun, and you can be creative with them, so lets get started.


Things that you will need:

burlap or any color you want

wire wreath, straw wreath or foam wreath


hot glue and glue sticks

assorted flowers, yarn, lace ect

last name initial

1:To start my wreath out I glued one end of some polka dot burlap to the wreath and wrapped it in one section.

2:Then I did the same with the plain burlap, and then did the polka dot again

I glued the burlap ever so often to make sure it was attached well.

3: Then I glued my flowers and letter in a way that I wanted them. Everyone I am sure wants them arranged differently. Then wahla you have yourself a cute little spring wreath.


Here is a great tutorial from Rooms For Rent on how to do the burlap wreath style my sister did.

I wanted to share a few wreaths that gave me great inspiration while decided how to do mine as well.


1: Chevron Burlap Wreath


2: Spring Yarn Wreath


3: Floral Spring Wreaths

4: Burlap Spring Wreath