Skype & Craft: DIY LDS Temple Silhouette Decor

LDS Temple Silhouette

 This week for Skype & Craft Brandy picked our craft. I love silhouettes. They make such great, simple decor in your home. This didn’t cost me hardly anything to make. I already had a 8×10 size piece of burlap. I also already had the card stock, so all I needed was the frame. You can find really cheap frames at Wal-Mart of Target. I found mine for 5 dollars at Target. It was an awesome steal. This craft is also super quick. It took Brandy and I about 15-20 minutes to put together. Although this is such a simple, easy craft it has so much meaning. This picture is a great all around the year decor. It will look great on any mantel or wall in your home.

What you will need:

 1 Large frame ( I chose 8x 10)

1 piece of burlap that will fit in the frame

1 piece of heavy duty white cardstock

Fabric glue or hot glue



 1st: You are going to need to print out a temple silhouette. I did the Salt Lake Temple. I will share that one with you. If you don’t want the Salt Lake Temple you can easily Google LDS Temple Silhouettes and print one out. If it is a black silhouette you will want to trace it onto the white card stock then cut it out.  Right click the temple below and save image, then print it out, and cut all the orange out.


Salt Lake Temple Silhouette
Salt Lake Temple Silhouette


  2nd: Using fabric glue or hot glue attach the temple to the burlap. I flipped my temple to the back side, so that if there was any color left on the edges it wouldn’t show. Then place the picture in the frame. Now find that perfect spot for it in your house. Brandy is planning on putting it in a picture collage of family pictures on her wall. I can’t wait to see it.


 Brandy did some stenciling of words on her picture. It looks super cute. You have all sorts of options you could do with this Temple silhouette. Enjoy and get creative.