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Hey there online writers and blog owners. If you are like me, you have learned several things about blogging, online publishing, website operating and some of the “dos and don’ts.”

You also make have learned the importance of a great quality website host for MANY reasons and are frustrated with your current host and wanting to make an affordable change:

  • Because downtime means lost money
  • Because spammy hosts means less Google authority
  • Because uptime is crucial to growth
  • Because server response time and site speed means keeping readers on your site
  • Because you want to deal with great customer service
  • Because you need something reliable to operate your business on
  • Because being nickled and dimed is frustrating as a small business owner – including those of us with online businesses

And all of these things need to be taken into consideration for a site to be a successful business and be serious about making money. This is a time to move up and on to a better web hosting.

Sometimes the reason for not changing web hosting is with moving up is the cost often increases quite dramatically.

But that, my friends, is where you are wrong! You can get an amazing quality host for not much more than the base bottom, spam hosts. And it is a company that many of your professional blogging, website operating friends give high reviews and ratings for as their “host upgrade” without all of the problems that go with the base bottom hosts, but also can stay in a reasonable budget!

I’m talking about SiteGround! Have you heard of them? You may have if you have been on the hunt for a better host for a good price. This is your opportunity to achieve a new level of online greatness!

The prices that SiteGround charges for their monthly plans is VERY affordable, although a little more than some other hosting companies, for what you get in return, it is a bargain and a smart move for any blog, website or online business.

And EVEN BETTER is they are having an unprecedented Black Friday and Cyber Monday rock awesome sale! Don’t miss out on this great opportunity!

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Head on over to SiteGrounds Black Friday Deals to select the best plan for you. 


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