Moon Phase Prints

**I was given this opportunity to share this product with you all by Positive Prints. They provided me with the product to review and share in return of sharing their website.**

Positive Prints Company

I love things that help us remember wonderful moments in our lives we don’t want to forget. These memories could be the birth of your first child, your wedding day or the day you ran your first marathon. Whatever your memories are Positive Prints is a great company to help you never forget them, and display them in your home. So today I would like to introduce you to the Positive Prints company. Where you can create personalized prints for every occasion.

The company was created by a young couple, who was looking for ways to spread creativity and love worldwide. This company gives you the ability to create meaningful gifts or for yourself for all your life’s memories. What is so wonderful about this is you can create this right from the comfort of your home. They do everything from star maps, custom maps, moon phase prints and more. I haves used them for making star maps of my husband and I’s wedding date. That print hangs in our bedroom and I still love it to this day.

Moon Phase Prints

I want to show you how amazing their moon phase poster are though. Have you ever done one of these? Taking a certain date even past dates and seeing what the moon looked like that day. Positive Prints gave me the opportunity to do this for my son’s birthday. He was born on May 10th 2011. All I did was punch in the date and place and it generates the pictures out on your computer screen. I chose to print it on a canvas for my son’s room.

The print goes perfect with his dark grey walls. I am in love with the way it turned out for sure!

There are different ways to print your moon phase poster though. They allow multiple options such as printing it on a pillow, just a print, a framed print or a canvas. Some fun ideas that I have seen is printing off the moon phase for the day a couple met, then having it at your sign in table of your wedding. After that it will be a great to hang in their first home to remember. The moon phase prints would make wonderful gifts for many occasions. You can print it in portrait and landscape depending how you want it up on your wall and the space you want it in. I love how many options Positive Prints gives you when printing their prints.

Are you wondering what to expect from the website? Is is user friendly? I played around with it for a little bit before choosing how I wanted my print. I was very impressed how easy it was to use.

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