Monetize Your Blog with Linqia

Monetizing your blog with linqia

Anyone with a blog has spent hours and hours researching different ways to monetize their blog. As a blogger, we all work hard to get our blog out there in the internet word, for readers to notice. It’s hard work, so our hard work should pay off right?? About 6 months ago I was in search of a new way to monetize my blog. I turned to google to help me out. I just simply googled “ways to monetize your blog”. Of course a million different links came up. I remember thinking how do I know what is best! I decided to just pick one to start out with, and see where it took me. I decided to go with Linqia.

I have had the opportunity to do five different campaigns with Linqia. 

**My Linqia Campaigns I done**

Hormel® Chili & Beans Taco Salad

#KozyShack® Tapioca Strawberry Parfait

#KozyShack Rice Pudding Recipe

Mezzetta Garden Spaghetti

#SpreadTheCheer Betty Crocker

With all 5 of the campaigns I posted on my blog I did well with. I am sure you have a few questions about Linqia and how it works. I thought about the questions I had running through my mind when applying for Linqia, and thought that most people would have the same questions.

What is Linqia and their goals?

A way for you to be paid by writing, sharing, and spreading the word through social media. Linqia provides bloggers with the ability to grow their community and work with brands by sharing their story or message. Based off of your blog’s content and niche they match you with brands that will interest your readers. You will be offered campaigns and have the opportunity to share a story related to the content they are promoting.  


How do you earn money with Linqia?

These campaigns contain “pay per click” links that track your reader’s engagement and interaction. You will also be given a budget that will determine the maximum amount of money you can receive and how much you will make off of each click. Once you exceed this you will not get paid for extra clicks but your budget for future campaigns will be increased.

You get paid quickly. Once the campaign ends Linqia will send your payment through PayPal within 72 hours. 


Do I have to purchase the product myself for the campaign?

For all the campaigns I have done, yes. They do reimburse you for the cost of the product. For most of the campaigns I have done I have been paid more then what I paid for the product. They usually provide you with a picture of the product so you purchase the right thing as well.


How many campaigns can I be offered?

I have been offered at least one a month so far since signing up for Linqia. The last one I did was in November-December and I haven’t got another offer yet, but anticipate one soon.


Are you interested in Linqia now?? I thought so. It’s a great program to be involved in. I have nothing but good to say about it. Here is my referral link if you would like to sign up! Please don’t hesitate to ask me questions you have. Enjoy!