Keeping Produce Fresh Longer


There is nothing worst then getting a salad ready for dinner and finding your vegetables in your fridge that you just bought rotten. This is one thing that drives me crazy. Produce is not cheap, and so this post I want to share a few tips on how to help you with this, because nobody likes rotten produce.

Before storing:

– Lettuce and greens need to be washed as soon as you bring them home from the store. Toss them in a bag along with a paper towel this will keep them nice and crisp as well.       

–  Vegetables that have roots such as beets or potatoes do not need to be washed before storing them.

– Celery needs to be wrapped in aluminum foil, and kept in the fridge.

– Garlic you can store on your counter top.

Sometimes you can freeze your produce. This is nice because often times they will last longer if they are frozen. Almost all berries, green beans, peas, and carrots can be frozen. Be sure to wash and cut them and store in Ziploc bags to help preserve them.

To keep apples nice and crisp you need to store them out on the counter top out of the directed sunlight.

Keep your fruits and vegetables in separate drawers in your fridge. The ethylene can build up in your fridge and cause them to spoil.

To find out more about ethylene to help your produce to store longer visit here.

I hope that these tips will help you save money with your produce. I have been there multiple times where I buy some sort of produce, not store it properly, and it goes bad. Then I run to the store and buy another. I and I mean we because we all do it are loosing pennies by doing this. Here’s to storing our produce correctly!

Here is a great storing chart that I found here