Hefty To A Mom’s Rescue

Hefty Trash Bags To A mom's Rescue!(1)

As a mom, (I am sure a lot of you could relate) we think that we need to be super women all the time. We have a millions things to do in one day, and if feels like we are running all day long. Am I the only mom that feels that way?? Come on as least tell me the rest of you feel this way at least half the time! Okay, anyways…
Life is crazy as a mom, but I wouldn’t change it for a high paying 8-5 job. There are just some things that you can’t go stingy on to make your day go smoother and easier as a mom. One of those things is trash bags for me.
We make a lot of trash. I am not sure how we do with just the 4 of us, but it happens. We fill those trash bags super full in just one day. When my husband is at work I sometimes wish I had John Cena in my house on days with extra full trash bags, so he could carry them out. Thank goodness for Hefty Ultra Strong trash bags. Finally, Hefty comes to this mom’s rescue!
hefty trash bags
Now down to business about these Hefty trash bags. I always know what to expect with this great trash bag. I can always count on it to never tear and keep all my trash in the trash bag. That is a big giant win for this mom! I hate when I have uneaten lunch or dirty anything out of my trash bag all over the floor or in the bottom of the trash can. That makes yet another mess for a mom to clean up. Yet another reason to use Hefty Ultra Strong trash bags.
These Hefty trash bags aren’t only ultra strong they keep the smell away as well. They have a variety of different Arm & Hammer patented order neutralizers. My favorite is the Citrus Twist because it leaves my kitchen smelling squeaky clean!
Just when you think these trash bags can’t get any better, there is more great things about these Hefty Ultra Strong trash bags!
Don’t you hate when you are hauling your trash bags out to the dumpsters and one of the drawstrings breaks on it??? That is the worst!! Hefty trash bags are to the rescue once again when it comes to the drawstrings. They have break resistant grip drawstrings.
Head to your local grocery store now and leave the stress behind when you purchase a box of Hefty Ultra Strong trash bags. Even though they are a even better price then any other great trash bag brand. You will love having this $1 coupon off to save even more! Use it and share with all your friends who stress about the trash in their home!