Healthy Snack for 2017 HeartBars



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Healthy Snack for 2017 HeartBars

With the New Year starting up have you committed to be a healthier person?? Going to try to eat healthier?? I think that this is one of the number one goals on people’s New Years Resolutions every year. Sometimes it’s hard to find on the go snacks to have around when you are busy. You need something that you can grab on your way to work and out the door for each busy day. It’s so easy to grab a bag of fat filling chips or candy bar for me.

I just discovered these great Oatmeal bars to help me eat healthier this year. They are super yummy and filling. There are some health bars that are great tasting. You feel like you are on a diet and need something sweet. I have a huge sweet tooth and these Oatmeal bars are great to help me eat something sweet that isn’t going to go over my daily sugar intake.

What is super great is that my husband really likes them too. It’s a great snack for him to take along with him in the morning when he is rushing out the door for work.

What makes HeartBars different from other health bars according to Heart Brand Foods website:

  • They have Plant Sterols incorporated into them.

– Plant Sterols block the absorption of bad cholesterol in your blood stream. You eat Plant Sterols everyday in your fruit and vegetable intake.

  • Fiber like oats is included in these bars. Fiber sweeps away the cholesterol from your body.
  • Healthy ingredients: Including walnuts that are important elements of a cardioprotective diet.
  • Heartbars have low sodium to help support health blood pressure.

If you are in search of a great heart healthy snack bar HeartBars are the way to go in 2017 for a healthier you and heart.

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