Greasy & Grimy Be-Gone


I am super embarrassed to even show you all how dirty my stove is. It needs to be done though, badly. I really hate cleaning my stove, so I have been trying to find a easy way to do this. I finally found the magic ingredient, finally. Ammonia is the key to getting tough greasy and grime off your stove top drip pans.

All you will need is 4 Ziploc gallon bags, ammonia and your drip pans off your stove.

1: Put your drip pans in the gallon bags

2: Splash some ammonia into the bags as well. You don’t need a lot of ammonia because the vapor from the ammonia will do the dirty work for you.

3: Let your drip pans sit over night in the sealed bags with ammonia. The longer they sit in the ammonia the longer it will work on the pans. Mine were super bad so I left them overnight and a little longer in the morning.

4: Clean the rest of your stove top before placing the drip pans back in place.

5: Open up your gallon bags. This is seriously going to be a stinky job. Trust me your eyes are going to burn and your nose will burn as well. If you are super worried about this your might want to use a mask. Run hot water in the bag along with your drip pans.

6: Wipe all the grease and grime off with a sponge. Depending on how long you left the ammonia on but I didn’t really have to put any elbow grease into it. They look amazing now.

I love having a clean stove to clean on. I really do go too long without cleaning it, but since I learned this little trick I will keep on top of it. Do you have any tricks to share that you use to clean your drip pans? Please share. Hope this one helps you get back to cooking on a clean stove.