Don’t Scratch the Pan!!



I own 3 non-stick cooking pans, and I love them. I have other pans, but they have seriously never been used because I prefer non-stick pans. They get the job done so much easier. You have to carefully care and use your non-stick pan though. First things first you will need to purchase a non-stick pan so you can start enjoying it.

When you purchase your non-stick pan you will need to preseason it. You do this by rinsing and drying it. Take a paper towel with a little bit of oil, and type will do and rub it all around the inside of your pan.

Also I would suggest after every time you use your pan rub about a teaspoon of oil after each cleaning. Even though your pan said it was non-stick when you bought it. It is going to still need a little bit of lubricant to make it last over the many uses you will get out of your pan.

Remember to not just splash some oil in your pan. You need to use a paper towel and rub it into your pan. If you splash it you will have oily food.

Some say don’t use non-stick spray. I have used it often on my pans and have not had a problem with it. What are your opinions on non-stick spray on non-stick pans?

Don’t use sharp objects to stir your food while it is cooking. I usually use a rubber spatula to cook with these pans because they are guaranteed to not scratch them.

To clean your pan you will need to bring water to a boil in the pan after using it. This will work off any of the food or residue that is stuck on the pan. Wash it with warm water and soap with a soft sponge.

There you have it. Non-stick pans will change your attitude about cooking. They really do make the job easier. I hope you enjoy these tips on caring for your pans.