Diy: Salt Dough Ornaments

salt dough ornaments

This week for Skype & Craft there was not skyping. My sister has been here at home for a couple of weeks with her sweet little boy. It was fun to do our weekly craft in person. Since it was in person we decided to do a craft with our kiddos. Since it is the Christmas season we were trying to think of a fun craft, memorable, and easy for three toddlers to do. How about salt dough hand print ornaments. Fantastic idea. I wish I would of done with with my kids since they were babies. That way I could have a hand ornament for each year. It would be fun to see how much their hand grows each and every year.

My kids enjoyed putting their hand prints in the dough too. Ian had the cutest smile on his face while he did it. Chloe didn’t want to take her hand out of the dough. It was a fun afternoon of ornament making.

What you will need:

4 cups of flour

1 cup of salt

dash of oil


Mix the salt, oil and flour together. Then add one cup of water at a time, mix together after each time. Mix and add water until the dough is a good consistency. Not too sticky just right. Add more flour if you get it too sticky.


Roll out the dough to the right size for each kids hands. Have them put their hand print in the dough. Be sure to push their fingers down so it shows up. Make the print deep. Add holes for ribbon with a marker lid. Using a tooth pick poke their name and year into the dough as well.


Preheat oven to the lowest temperature it will go. Bake for an hour or two until dry. You can also let it sit out and dry out itself. It just spends up the process if you bake them.

Once the ornament is baked and completely dry add some cute ribbon and hang it up. It will be an ornament your family will enjoy for years to come.


Other ideas: you could add food color, confetti or sparkles to the dough also to fancy it up. We added red food color. They turned out kind of pink, but are still cute.


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  • Such a great keepsake. I wish I made ornaments like these when my kids were younger. Their hands are too big now and the ornaments would be huge…lol.

  • Alicia Owen

    We made some of these last year for the first time. It was fun being able to make and paint them with my then 3 year old. Good time! 🙂 Stopping by from the Family Joy Link Up.

  • Thank you for sharing your wonderful post at #ThursdayFavoriteThings. I look forward to what you will share next week! Do something special. Give yourself a standing ovation today! We hope you’ll come back again next Wednesday when we open our doors at 9:00 PM EST. Treat Tuesday like Friday! Have fun with someone you love.!

  • Oh I can imagine how much fun this craft was with your sister and the kids! I will have to give the salt dough ornaments a try this season – we give handmade ornaments as gifts for the grandparents, and this one looks really easy to make. Thanks for participating in our Celebrate Blogging Link-up Party, Charlene. I love your posts.

  • Crystal Mendez

    I want to make these with my kids this year, thank you!

  • I love these! My toddler would love doing something like this. I’ll have to try it with her this Christmas!

  • I did these with my daughter on her first Christmas and it’s the only handprint of hers we have from when she was little! Have a great week and thanks for joining us at #FridayFrivolity!

  • This is such a cute idea! My mum still has one my brother made at nursery, years and years ago, and I always thought it would be really fun to add some from my daughter. 🙂 Thanks so much for sharing over at Friday Frivolity.

  • I made those for my kids when they were little and broke them when we moved. Take care of those they are precious!

  • Barrie (Daily Dump)

    Love to make those. I did it with my first child, but not the other two. Maybe this is the year!

  • DIY Just Cuz

    I’ve always wanted to do this with my kid! Now i know how! Thanks for sharing!

    • Charlene Bullinger Asay

      Thanks for stopping by. I hope your kiddo loves the time making these.

  • Arianne Plehandzic

    I have been wanting to make these! So sweet…thanks for the recipe!!~*

    • Charlene Bullinger Asay

      Thanks Arianne. I hope you kids love it!