DIY: Plush Easter Bunny

diy Plush Easter Bunny

My sister and I finally had another Skype & Craft. I always enjoy my time skyping with her, and of course crafting. This week we made these super cute Easter bunnies just in time for Easter. I only made one just for decoration, but Brandy made two. One for decoration in her home, and another for her little boy’s Easter basket. They make a cute addition to top off a Easter basket for this year. It was a easy craft as well. I think it only took me about 1 hour start to finish to whip up one bunny. My sister had pinking shears which made it easier. I have got to get me some of them for sure. Has anyone ever used them? Let me know the best ones to get, and how you like them in the comments area below. My sister was able to just sew around the edges without folding her edges in because the shears help the fabric to not fray. Well I hope you are as giddy about this cute little bunny as I am. It looks great with my basket full of eggs. Hoppy Easter everyone!


What you need:

a neutral fabric: I used a canvas type fabric but you can use cotton as well. I purchased 1/4 yard and had plenty leftover


sewing machine

thread and needle



hot glue gun

1: Download my >>>Easter Bunny pattern>>>> first thing. Cut out the bunny around the very edges so the dark area is all off.

2: Pin the bunny to your fabric and cut out two bunnies


3: Now pin your two bunnies so they are mirroring each other. Then sew along the edges of the fabric. Be sure to leave a big enough hole to stuff your poly fil in though.


4: Now turn your Easter bunny right side out. Using a pencil to push out all the corners. Then you can start filling it with poly fil.


5: Now you will need to hand sew the hole up. I folded in the edges, but you can leave the rough edges out as well.


6: To make the pom pom tail you will need some yard. I took the yarn and wrapped it around my four fingers a bunch of times. Then pulled it off my hand and wrapped yarn around the middle of the loops and tied it off. Next you can snip the loops open. Fluff your pom pom up and trim the long ones. Then glue it to the tail area of your bunny. Next take some cute, color popping ribbon and tie a bow around the neck of your bunny. There you have yourself a super cute plush Easter bunny! Enjoy



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