DIY: Fat Quarter Toddler Skirt

fat quarter skirt

I decided to do a practice run on a fat quarter skirt for my 19 month old. I also made a matching bow tie for my 3 year old. Check out the tutorial here.  I want to make a skirt for my daughter and a matching tie for my son for Christmas. I had never made a fat quarter skirt before though, so I needed to practice. I thought it turned out okay. It looked super cute on her. Chloe on the other hand was not wanting to cooperate with me for a picture. As you can tell in the above picture her on the floor, frowning. Silly girl.

1: I measure out 18 inches ( for my 18 month) of the 1 1/2 ” white elastic. ( I wish I would of used black or plum if available with this fabric) Sew the ends of the elastic together. Be sure to fold under the rough edge. Visit this site for a great chart for waist sizes.

IMG_02652: Unfold your fat quarter fabric. Cut the fabric in half. Note: I only used one half of the fabric. If you want a fuller skirt use both halves. ( You will sew the two halves together for a fuller skirt). Put right sides facing each other and sew the ends together.

IMG_02613: Optional: if you want you can cut a contrasting fabric same width, but a third of the length to add to the top of bottom of skirt. Sew to main fabric.

IMG_02604: You will now need to hem the end of your skirt.

IMG_02645: Attach the elastic to the top of your skirt. I tacked down the material to the elastic evenly in four places.Then I just sewed the material while pulling the elastic so the material would be evenly bunched up around the skirt.

IMG_02676: Be sure you iron your skirt once you are done. You don’t want your little one wearing a wrinkled skirt. 🙂

Stay tuned… I will be making a matching sibling Christmas skirt and bow tie in the near future.