DIY Christmas Orange Wreaths

Great Neighbor Gift

It’s that time of year again. Neighbor gift time that is. We all get loads and loads of different plates full of sugary treats delivered to our homes each year. We all love those yummy treats. I mean I would be lying to you all if I said I was against those. I still love to deliver those to my neighbors and family. It’s sometimes nice to get something not so sweet and sugary though.

Every year the young women in my church deliver gifts to the widows in our ward. I was in charge of coming up with the gift we were delivering. I came up with this cute little orange wreath. I figured the widows were delivering them to would understand why we have oranges on Christmas.

An Old Tradition

Kids these days wouldn’t even understand the reason why we have oranges on Christmas. I remember getting them in my stocking growing up, but that was because my mom said she got them in hers when she was young. I never knew the reason why this was a tradition at Christmas time though. I read up on this tradition though.

The tradition started in the Great Depression era. Of course during that era people were very frugal and didn’t have lots, but were happy and felt rich with what they did have. If any of you have grandparents from this era you completely understand. I mean they can make a meal out of almost nothing in their cupboards.

Waking up on Christmas morning with a sweet juicy orange in your stocking back then would of been a great treat. You would of felt very blessed!

These wreaths take little to no time to make as well. I will include the tags that I made to attach to each wreath as well. To Download right click the image below and open in a new window. You can then print them from your computer. Then write in Your family name or whatever you would like to sign them as. Please only use for personal uses, do not share as if you created the image.

Things you will need:

Scotch tape

Clementines or Cutie Oranges


twine or ribbon


I lined up 8 cutie oranges on a long and wide piece of cellophane. I left a little space in between each orange.

Now you can roll the cellophane around the oranges like a tube. Secure it with scotch tape in a few different spots.

Now in between each orange tie it with a cute red or green twine or ribbon. Join the two ends of the tube to create a wreath with more twine. Attach your cute tag to it was well. If the ends of the cellophane are two long carefully trim.

Now you have a cute and a fun tradition of neighbor gifts that are healthy all ready to deliver in time of Christmas!