DIY Cake Stand



My baby girl’s 1st birthday is next Friday. I want to make her a three layered cake for her party. The only thing is I don’t have a cake stand. I would like to buy a glass one, but they want a lot for them. Especially because how often can one person use a cake stand. I mean to really justify getting one. So I decided to make mine own. How hard can it be right? It’s not hard at all.


10.5 inch glass plate square or round

Glass mini trifle

 Cement glue that dries clear

First be sure that the stickers are off of both your plate and trifle. You might want to use a wet rag to get them off completely.



Then flip your plate upside down. Take the skinnier end of your trifle dish. Place the cement glue all around the edge of the dish. Now place it in the middle of the plate. Top it off with a bit more glue. Now all you have to do is let it dry.




I spent a total of $5.74 on my DIY cake stand

Compare to this glass cake stand I looked at Walmart today which was $20.00.

I saved $14.26 making my own

I can’t wait to celebrate my little girl’s 1st birthday. This year has truly flown by. 

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