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**Product Shown Was Provided To Me For The Purpose Of This Review. Photos And Opinions Provided By Me.**
 I love simple and easy decor accents that I can use through out my house. These great topiary accent decor balls are a great way to do this. has all sorts of great silk flowers and plants that are great for those of you that don’t mix well with live plants. I love them both. I am not saying that I am great at keeping every green thing alive, but I love summer time so I can plants beautiful flowers and a garden. Commercial Silk can help you out with all their great artificial trees, plants, flowers, boxwood and topiary products. They really have a beautiful selection of products for everyone’s liking’s. 
I love the variety of ways I was able to use my Commercial Silk product. I received the 6 pack Silk Accent balls. They are great for any season. I have used them in a variety of ways in my home. I have these cute little shelves attached to my kitchen cabinets that I put a lot of my decor. I was able to add a little accent to one of the shelves with this accent ball. 
shelf decor
 I love little decor signs with little sayings on them. If you walk into my house you will see that I have a variety of them for each any every season. This Families are Forever is great year round, but I love it for summer time because of big star on it. With the holidays Memorial Day and 4th of July in the summer time this sign is very fitting. I thought that the accent ball looked great next to it sitting on my counter top. 
next to sign
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Lastly these accent balls are great all placed in a small wire basket for a center piece on your table top for a simple and beautiful decor for summer time. The best part about these Commercial Silk accent balls is that they can be used through out the entire year. You could totally toss them in with your fall decor, Christmas decor and Easter decor as well. They are very versatile.  

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