Cleaning Schedule

cleaning schedule

While I feel like I am fairly good at keeping up with my home cleaning. I have been trying to find a way to be organized about my whole day.

I search and search on pinterest for cleaning schedules. Sometimes they just don’t fit your same cleaning you do. We all have different houses. I hope that either you can use this cleaning chart I made, or here are some tips to making your own chart.

How to Make a Home Cleaning Schedule

1. Start by listing all the things you regularly clean in your house. Yeah… It can get pretty long.

2. Next try to organize your chores into 3 different groups. Daily- chores you need to do every day. Weekly- chores you do once or twice a week.

3. Open up a word document or just a plan paper and pen to start making your cleaning schedule. (If making your own)

4. Next you can put the Daily chores into one category on your chart

5. Then sort the Weekly chores by day of the week!

6. Now if my chart works for you print it out or write/ make your own chart.

Here is the link to my cleaning schedule.

(Right click and copy link, and paste it into a new browser)

I sure hope that I have been helpful in your cleaning process. Cleaning can be a pain in your, you know what. But it doesn’t have to if you stay organized. Your house will be put together and tidy all the time with a schedule. Life just falls into place when you have a tidy home to live in.