Calling all Microwave Cleaning Haters!


My microwave sits on top of my fridge in my little apartment for a few reasons. First of all we don’t have much counter space, so there is no room for it on the counters. Second I am super sort and can’t really see how dirty it is. I am super lazy when it comes to cleaning my microwave. I found this easy way to get that crusty food off the inside of the microwave.Some people probably have known about this trick for years. I honestly just found out about it about a year ago. I figured it was worth sharing because there has got to be people out there still cleaning their microwaves the hard way. This new trick will motivates me to clean my microwave a little more often. How many of you are in my same boat? Hate cleaning your microwave too? Well here is my secret trick for you microwave cleaning haters out there. Hope this gets your microwave squeaky clean. 


You will need:

One dirty microwave

a glass 2 cup measuring cup

1 cup of white vinegar

1 cup of hot water

Measure your cup of vinegar out. Then add the cup of hot water in. Place in your microwave. My microwave is just a little one and takes longer to heat up. I place the vinegar mixture in there for 6 minutes. Once you have done this you can wipe away the crusty food with a wet rag. There should be little to no scrubbing needed. Tada you have a squeaky clean microwave. Enjoy!