Brussels Sprouts


I really like to cook new things. It makes cooking more exciting. Rather then making the same dishes over and over again, which can be boring. I use to be this way. When I was first married I knew how to make about 6 different dishes. My husband was of course polite and said he loved it. I am so glad I decided that we needed to throw some variety into our menu.

I don’t think that I had ever had Brussels sprouts before the other day when I made this recipe. It turned out to be a great recipe and I love Brussels sprouts now. I will be looking for more good recipes for them in the near future. This recipe uses balsamic vinegar also. I use balsamic vinegar a lot in my cooking. I just love the taste of it. Not only did it give the sprouts a wonderful tastes that made my mouth water while cooking them. It gave the sprouts a great color.

[yumprint-recipe id=’22’]Since I had never made Brussels sprouts before I was searching the web for a good recipe that looked yummy. I used this recipe, but revised it to make my own recipe. It turned out great! Hope you enjoy. How do you all like your Brussels sprouts?