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Blogging 101

I have been blogging for about a year and half. I have had my ups and downs with blogging. I started blogging when my husband was attending Vet school. I thought that I would make millions to help us while living the student life. Well I didn’t quite make millions on it, but I have learned that I love blogging. I love to share my ideas, tips and tricks with all of you. It has been a great hobby for me to pick up as a stay at home mom. My main focus on my blog has been sharing my yummy recipes with you all. I decided that I wanted to make my blog more of a lifestyle blog. I am a stay at home mom, wife and women. There is much more to my job then just cooking. I love to share anything that I do in my life. All my posts I have made or done on a personal level. I think that this is very important to actually know something about what you are posting about on your blog. Your readers will enjoy it much more if you actually know your facts. You can also be more helpful to your readers as well if you know what you are talking about. In this post I wanted to share some of the things I have learned about blogging over the last year and half. I am hoping that I can be helpful to all new bloggers and some pros at blogging as well. I thought that this post could also be a great opportunity for you all to share your ideas and tips with us all. Please share any ideas or tips you have in the comment area below.

1: Social Media

* Pinterest: I always pin at least twice a day. I pin a few of my pins that have been popular in the morning when I get up. This is usually around 6-6:30 MDT. Also never forget to pin at least one other persons pin for every pin of your own you pin. You have to help others out as well. If you pin their pins they will most likely pin your pins also. I will then try to pin a few of my pins around 8 in the evening or after my kids are in bed as well. If I have posted a post that day I will pin that pin right after I post the post up. I pin it in about 10-15 different boards to get it out there. This has worked for me so far.

*Facebook: Create a Facebook fan page. It has been a great way for even my friends and family to know about my blog posts. I was kind of quite about my blog for a while, but after about 4-5 months I created my fan page. My friends & family were all asking me about my blog, and loved all my recipes and tips. When your friends share your posts as well it promotes your blog to all of there friends. Its a great cycle of promoting your blog.

Another thing that I have recently started is joining Facebook pages. I have joined the Facebook pages:

Grow Your Blog 

Blogging Tribe

Moms Of MomResource

These have been great places for me to share my social media and blog posts to get my content out there for others to see.

* Twitter: I just recently joined the Twitter world and it has been a great way to share my content as well. One tip that is helpful about twitter is post often. Twitter is a very popular and busy social media site, and your content can be spread by people re tweeting it. I have found that if you favorite or re tweet someone’s  tweet they are more likely to do the same for you. Also follow lots of people. The more followers you have and the more you follow the better chance you have to get your posts shared and heard about.

2: Link up parties

I have joined two link up parties that I share my blog links one weekly.

Mom Resource

This site not only has a great link up party every Thursday, but Saira the owner of the site has great insight on blogging as well. Also if your link is the most visited for that week you win a weeks worth of being featured on the site.


This link up party is usually on Fridays. They also have other great ways to share your site on their site.

3: Affiliated Programs

Google Adsense: I have pretty good luck with this program. They are easy to apply for and super easy to place their ads on your blog.

Amazon Associates: I have not had any luck with this program. I get clicks on the ads but no one ever buys the product. If you have tips for this to share with everyone please do in the comment area.

BlogHer: I like this program because they will reach out to you for blogging opportunities. Also you can share your content from your blog on their site for their followers to see. Also if your post is popular on their site they will put it on the top of their list of different Series and Features tabs. I have had this happen once, and it was amazing how many more people visited my post because of it.

Linquia: They are a campaign based site. I am doing a Hormel Chili Campaign with this site right now. They contacted me once I signed up for the program to participate in the campaign. You earn money every time someone clicks on their links or banners you have placed within the campaign post. Check my Hormel Chili Taco Salad Recipe for the campaign post.

Moms Affiliate Program: This is another great way to earn money with your blog. They have different campaigns you can join. Sign up at  On the site you will receive a link or banner link for each campaign you join to place on your site. Each time someone clicks on that link you can earn money. Its super easy!

4: Email Subscriptions:

Have a email subscription to your blog that your readers can sign up for. This way they never miss a post. I have used FeedBurner and HelloBar for this purpose.


The book How To Blog For Profit: Without Selling Your Soul has some super great tips on blogging.