Beach Day with Toddlers

Must Have Toddler Items For A Day At The Beach

Today is the last day of Kindergarten for my sweet little guy. It’s amazing how fast this year has flown by. With summer approaching there will be lots of pool, beach and lake visits in the warm, sunny weather. When you have little ones there is always a load of stuff you need to be prepared and ready for the beach. I have teamed up with Reviews Bee to provide you with some great Must Have Toddler Items For a Day At The Beach. Like in my case here in Wyoming my kids call the sandy area at the lake the beach, but it’s all the same. You need to be prepared for both. Hope this article is helpful in preparing all your mama’s and daddy’s for summer time with your little ones.

Getting ready for the long-awaited trip to the beach? Can’t wait to feel the sand under your feet and enjoy the relaxing sun? All of this sounds amazing until it comes to the question of packing up and the problems arising with it double up if you are a mom of a toddler, or maybe of two or more of them.

There are a lot of things that you should take with you to the beach in order to maintain proper toddler care. It wouldn’t be good to leave something important at home that’s why the first thing before starting “the messy beach packing-up event” is to make a list and plan carefully. This will help you do better arrangements keeping everything in order and be sure about the safety of your toddler at the beach.

The list is surely going to be long starting from the smallest things such as towels, sunscreen, etc to things like convertible car seats, toddler-size beach chair and the like. Every, at first sight, minute thing might be important when there is a toddler.

In order to make your task of beach pack-up easier we have collected a list of items, in others words, a list of mummy essentials that are a must-have for a day at the beach. Make sure you have them all at hand when at the beach.

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A Beach Pack-up Guide: Maintain Proper Toddler Care

If the trip to the beach is already a final decision then get ready to pack up and in order to do it easily, simply follow our tips and instructions listed below as to what you need to take with you in the first place for the comfort and safety of your toddler and your family.

  • Convertible Car Seats: Let’s start from the very beginning by putting things you need to take in the right order. Your trip will start by getting into the car and heading for the beach. In order for your toddler to be safe and comfortable a high-quality convertible car seat is a must have. Here are a few important things that a good convertible car seat must possess:

o   Simple Usage: Make sure the car seat is easy to install and comes with a clear instruction manual.

o   A 5-point Harness: These 5 straps will ensure your child’s safety. Be sure the car seat comes with all 5 of them.

o   Lower Anchors and Tethers for Children – LATCH: This is what will let you attach the car seat right to the vehicle’s frame and not have to use the seat belts.

  • Snacks: You and your toddler especially are going to get hungry at some point while enjoying the beach. So make sure to take lots of snacks, fruits, water and other drinks with you. We’d advise you to take a small cooler in order to keep all the food fresh.
  • Swimsuit & Other “Beach-gear”: Obviously, the next must have are the bathing suits. Make sure to take one in which your toddler feels most comfortable. Other things included at this point are as follows:

o   Sun hat, preferably one with a wide brim that’ll protect your kid’s face and ears.

o   Swim-shoes

o   Your child needs to be safe while swimming so don’t forget the life jacket.

o   Towels

o   Wet-dry bag – you’ll have lots wet and sandy clothes to put in it.

o   Sunscreen – make sure your toddler doesn’t run out of it during all your stay at the beach.

o   Beach sandals

o   Diapers, swim diapers and wipes – lots of them. A bag for diapers. Don’t forget the potty!

o   Baby powder – no better way to clean the sand off of your toddler

o   Hand sanitizer – make sure your toddler’s hands are clean when he/she is eating.

o   Blankets

o   Umbrella or canopy for getting in the shade of cool

o   A beach chair would be an advantage: take one for yourself and one for your toddler. Make sure the latter fits the size of your toddler.

  • Evening Preparations: As the weather gets cooler in the evening, make sure you have additional warmer clothes with you – shorts, pants, dresses, shirts, jackets, etc. Other things included under this point are the following:

o   Sneakers, socks, underwear

o   Your kids’ toys to keep them busy in the evening

o   Bathing essentials – shampoo, soap, etc.

o   Pajamas, toothbrush – in case you are staying for more than one day.

  • Baby Beach Tent: This can be the best “playground” for your toddler if he is tired of playing in the sand or swimming or, which is more improbable, wants to take a nap. Make sure the tent has simple usage and UV Guard Protection from the ultraviolet rays of the sun.
  • Stroller: To have a comfy walk across the beach with your child a stroller would be a good choice. You could also put your beach-gear in it.
  • Ziploc and Mesh Bags: And last but not least, make sure you take lots of Ziploc and mesh bags with you in order to be able to order all the stuff you take with you neatly in them. Mesh bags are especially good for sandy clothes as they will decrease the amount of sand collected in them. Well, and Ziploc bags, being waterproof, will protect your stuff from getting wet.

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However difficult and messy beach packing up process seems it is still a pleasure for every mother to see her child happily running around and playing in the sand after all. It creates great memories and makes up for all the tiring packing up. Besides, the whole process will get unimaginably easier if you follow our “mommy essentials” listed above. Don’t forget to take all these must have items with you to the shore. Follow the proper toddler care tips and make the most out of your day with your little one at the beach!