Back Yard Games for all ages

Back Yard Games

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Are you trying to find a few enjoyable backyard games that people of any age will like playing? Old-fashioned group games have made a recent resurgence. To save you time researching each and every outdoor game, we have assembled a list of some of the most popular backyard games for all ages.

Potato Sack Races

Potato sack races were widely played in carnivals during the 1800s, and they are still popular today. All you have to do is locate a big pillowcase or a burlap sack. Make sure that whatever you are using will be long enough to reach your waist. Climb inside the sack and jump to the finish line. The first one to arrive at the finish line wins the race.

baggo offical


While beanbag toss has a simple design, it necessitates a lot of skill and luck. The official game of Baggo is played using two boards that are twenty-seven feet apart. The goal is to throw the beanbag into the circular opening on the board from a distance away. Whoever can get the most beanbags into the hole wins the game. Many beanbag toss players have turned to playing Baggo to remedy the problems associated with wooden bean bag boards. Conventional bean bag toss boards are made from wood, which means they are heavy and difficult to transport. Baggo boards are built using blow molded polyethylene. Therefore, Baggo boards are portable and weather-proof. Not only that, Baggo custom builds its boards with stylish and innovative themes so you can impress your friends no matter the setting.

horse shoes


One of the most all-time favorite outdoor games is horseshoes. Some of the older built versions are made from heavier metals, which make them a dangerous game to play with young children. Instead, get the rubber horseshoe sets so you avoid injuries. The official horseshoe guidelines stipulate that both stakes need to be forty feet apart. However, for games in the backyard with a few friends, it makes sense to make them a little closer.


Bocce is a popular outdoor game that originated from the Roman Empire. Most of the time, it is played on the beach, on firm, damp sand or a flat, grassy surface. The standard bocce ball has a weight of two pounds, which can be a struggle to carry for smaller children, so it is important to pair one adult with one child. Little kids who are not old enough to play will enjoy throwing around the “pallino,” which is a small ball that functions like a target. Bocce has inspired a new game called Boochi, which is a more appropriate version for children than the original game. Boochi is a combination of tossing challenges that utilize plastic rings and lightweight bean balls.

Washer Toss

Much like beanbag toss and horseshoes, washer toss is another enjoyable game that is simple to play even with one hand. You can create your own individual or three-hole washer toss game or purchase one. The objective is to throw a small ball into a piece of cut PVC pipe.


Spikeball is an interesting mix between volleyball and four square. In order to play, hit the palm-size ball onto the net so that it comes back toward your opponent. Your opponent has three attempts to control your ball and send it flying back to you. Whenever a player misses the shot, the other one scores a point. To win, you need to score twenty-one points. It will be a popular choice for your next barbecue party.


Everyone has played limbo at least once in their life. It is an appropriate game for all ages, yet children have a slight height advantage. Whether you are use a broom, a long pole, or a bamboo limbo pole, it will keep you interacting with those around you for hours on end. Consider playing some festive music or Caribbean songs to keep the game going. It is a fantastic game for a pool or beach party.


This popular, active game is a combination of bocce ball, bowling, and horseshoes. It requires you to roll wooden discs toward a pyramid-shaped object and have the higher point value discs land facing up.

Frisbee Golf

Frisbee golf is a common game among teenagers. It is simply about aiming plastic discs at various targets and hitting them. Another similar game that is appropriate for all ages is Kan Jam. Both your backyard and beach are perfect places to play this game. The objective is for the teams to throw the discs into an opening or on the top of large trash bins. To play a makeshift version of this game, all you have to do is find some Frisbees and recycling bins.

Giant Tumble Tower

This is a very fun way to play the wooden game. You can either play this game inside in a large room or outdoors. Giant Tumble Tower is a five-foot tall version of Jenga. It includes fifty-six hardwood blocks that measure three by two by eight inches. Since the pieces are enormous, it is more appropriate for older children.

Ladder Ball

Ladder ball requires you to toss roped pairs of golf balls around various rungs of a PVC ladder. The golf ball rungs are very hard, so try to play lightly when it involves smaller children. If you know how to use a hacksaw, you might be able to craft your own ladder ball game.

Dunk Bucket

Are you trying to cool down on a hot summer’s day? Consider building your very own dunk tank. The greater the temperature outside, the more volunteers you will have available for the hot seat. Dunk buckets make a great entertainment addition to any outdoor event.

Frozen T-Shirt Race

Another outdoor summer game idea is a frozen t-shirt race. Put a few of your t-shirts in water, place them into plastic bags, and pop them into the freezer. The following day, have a race to see who can defrost and put on a frozen t-shirt the fastest. This game is a fantastic choice when the temperature outside is overwhelmingly hot. You may want to leave the shirt on after the game.

Water Balloon Dodge Ball

This game involves filling many balloons with water. Collect the water balloons into a few piles on either side of a tennis court or other open space. Make sure to aim away from other people’s faces. The cleanup on this game may take a while, so allocate time accordingly.

Now, round up the family and friends, and play some outdoor games together. They are fun and great exercise, too. Make the most of the summer fun in the sun while creating some family memories.

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