A Cure for Canker Sores {right in your kitchen}

Canker sore cure

I am the queen of canker sores. I get them all the time. Most the time it’s from eating really sugary candy for me. I looked up on WebMD what the cause of canker sores was to see how in the world do I get them all the time. It says that the cause is not really known, but it could be caused by acidic foods, sugary foods, stress, a tissue injury and sometimes they can be caused by a poor immune system. To learn more about Canker Sores go to WebMD. 

I actually have about three canker sores in my mouth right now. Earlier this week I was driving home from my son’s therapy session that are about an hour and half away. It was just him and I that day, and we stopped at Maverick for a treat on the way home. I got a thing of sprees. I am pretty sure that’s what triggered all these canker sores. Darn sugar!

Well if you suffer from getting canker sores, I have a cure for you right from your kitchen. Baking soda is going to come to the rescue!

All you have to do is dab your finger in a little bit of baking soda and apply directly to the canker sore. I did this just today, and they are already feeling better. I remember my mom doing this old trick when I was younger with canker sores as well. You might have to apply it a few times a day, but it will knock those canker sores right out!