8 Easy to Implement Hacks to Improve Your Quality of Life


 Hacks to Improve Your Quality of Life 


One of the most commonly asked questions is how can one improve their overall quality of life. Everyone in some ways is searching for the answer to achieving optimum happiness in life. Quality of life is extremely important in order to be happy and feel good. In fact, it is the answer to achieving success in your relationships, work life and other important areas in your life. Whether you want to improve productivity, live a healthier lifestyle, or achieve ultimate happiness, there are many life hacks that can help improve these areas. Learn 8 easy to implement hacks to start improving your quality of life today:


  1. Keep Your Phone Away from Your Head at Night


Getting soundless sleep is crucial to achieving a good quality of life. Sleep is a vital part of our everyday lives and controls the way we feel and our levels of productivity. If you aren’t getting proper sleep because of an uncomfortable mattress, then it might be time to improve your sleep with a mattress upgrade.


With that being said one of the main reasons individuals can’t sleep at night is because they are leaving their phones near their heads while they sleep. All cells phones and tablets give off what is called a “blue light”, which studies have proven it can inhibit the production of sleep through disrupting our circadian rhythms. Whether you are surfing social media before sleep, or trying to hit the jackpot in an online casino game, being on technology before bed is a bad idea because it won’t let your mind get ready for sleep mode. Staring at a computer or cell phone screen all day can also seriously damage your vision and can ultimately lead you to needing corrective vision surgery.


On the other hand, although there hasn’t been any research, it is known that cells phones give off small amounts of electromagnetic radiation. It hasn’t been proven that it causes cancer per say, but any type of electromagnetic radiation is unhealthy to be near your body. Start by placing your phone at least two feet away from your head such as placing it on the ground or the other side of your nightstand.


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2. Start Your Morning Thinking Positive Thoughts


Wake up and start your day by thinking positive thoughts. It is often we wake up and immediately think about all the negative things we are going through instead of thinking about the good things in our lives. Starting each day thinking negatively puts a damper on our moods and on the way we see life. If you are worried about your credit and financial situation, for instance, don’t start the day off thinking about how you will ever get out of debt and be able to purchase the home of your dreams. Instead, think about the productive and proactive things you can do, like getting your name off the ChexSystems to improve your credit score. Rather than stressing about your situation in life, wake up and challenge yourself to think of 5 things you are grateful for, and even go to bed thinking of 5 things that make you happy.


3. Drink Hot Tea Before You Go to Sleep


We don’t mean green tea; you’ll be up all night! However, drinking sleepy tea or chamomile tea is really beneficial to getting a good nights sleep and having a happy stomach. If you want to wake up feeling refreshed, having a nice cup of calming or herbal tea before bed will do the job. Tea like chamomile is known for calming stomachs, helping with sleep and assisting good health. In fact, drinking tea before bed has also been said to promote happy dreams during sleep.

 4. Workout for Success


If exercise isn’t already part of your routine, it should be. Exercise doesn’t mean that you have to go to the gym and sweat with a bunch of other people. You can make it fun, such as by investing in new hiking equipment and making each weekend an adventure.


You can workout during the week, too, without hitting up the gym. Do you live near your job or live downtown? If there is anyway you can turn your commute into a workout, you should do it! Walking or biking to work will not only promote good fitness but it will wake you up in order to stay alert for the whole day! If you don’t live extremely close to your work but you have public transportation try taking the bus halfway, and then walking the rest. Do whatever you can to compromise the spare time you have in the morning and the time you need to get in some fitness!


5. Use Traffic to Your Advantage


We often waste all our energy on getting angry when we are stuck in traffic when in fact we should be taking advantage of that rare time! When is there another slot in your day that you can sit in one spot for an hour and not have anything to do? Never! Only when you are in traffic. Instead, go over some to-do lists, plan your weekend, make a phone call, sing out loud, and listen to some classic tunes.

 6. Stage Your Office for Success


Promoting success will often get you success. Set your office up in a way that promotes greatness. Whether that’s having a vision board, keeping it organized, or having a relaxing space in order to brainstorm. You can even think up ideas that will help your entire work overall, like suggesting better platforms for web hosting to save money for your company. What helps drive you towards success? Design your office space around that.


7. Understanding Your Pre-Cold Symptoms


Sickness is what often slows down our lives and holds us back from our accomplishments. It is never a dull moment when we catch the flu! Understanding the pre-cold symptoms will help you catch it early enough to start attacking it before it reaches its full potential. Treat your body like it already has the flu when you start to feel the slightest bit ill.


8. Clean and Go


Our lives start to get so hectic we never have time to clean. However, cleaning is an important task in our lives that we must keep up with. To help make this dilemma go away we would like to inform you about the “clean and go”. It’s simple; you just have to clean your house as you go! Wipe up or organize before you move on to the next area in your house.