Week 7: Skype & Craft : Little Boy’s bow ties

bow ties

This week my sister and I made bow ties for our little boys. Her wifi was not working, so it was a more of a over the speaker phone project. This fat quarter project is so easy though. You can make lots of these during your kids nap time. I felt very accomplished after making 2, but I will most defiantly be making more soon. I wish I would of got a picture of Ian yesterday at church when he was wearing one of his. He looked adorable.

My brother in law is getting married in December and one of their colors is a plum color. These ties are a plum color for that reason. I think I will be making some Christmas themed ones very soon though. I made a cute skirt for Chloe that matched these ties as well. I will be posting a tutorial of that very soon.

1: Pick your fat quarter that you want to use. Measure it out at 9″ wide by 7″ long. Cut your fabric out.

2: Fold your right sides together. Matching the 7″ sides together and sew a straight stitch along that side.


3: Turn fabric right side out. Fold the rough edges in about 1/2 to 1 inch in. Iron them down.


4: Now take your fabric and fold it almost in half.

5: Cut a strip of fabric about 1.5 inches wide. Fold the outside edges in, and iron flat. ( this will be used as the knot for your bow tie)


6: Pinch the center of your tie and wrap the strip around the bow. Secure with a good stitch. Cut off the excess fabric.


7: Measure the elastic to a desired length. I measured mine at 13 inches. This was just perfect for the 3 1/2 year old. Slide the elastic through the knot. Sew ends together.


Now you have a easy peasy way to keep your boy or boys looking cute on Sunday mornings for church. Also what a great way to dress up any button up your boy wears. They will be stylin.