Week 5: Skype & Craft

chalkboard menu

This week is a simple but super cute craft. It was Brandy’s turn to pick the craft this week. I am so glad that she picked this one. I have really been wanting to make a cute menu board for my kitchen. Also I have never used chalk paint, and now I have. I love the stuff. I just might make a chalkboard for my little boy for Christmas rather then buy it. I think that having a menu board helps me plan meals out. Which leads to saving money on groceries in the long run. Plus my husband really likes to look and see what we are having for dinner as well. I usually just use them for dinner planning. This is the one meal that we are all sitting down together as a family to eat. 100_6219


One small cookie sheet

stencils for painting the word menu on

wood letters for days of the week

a few of your favorite colored acrylic paint

1 small thing of black chalkboard paint


hot glue gun


foam paint brushes


1st step: Paint your cookie sheet with the chalkboard paint. You will need to do a few coats. I did about 4 coats before getting it completely covered. This will have to dry for a few hours to overnight.

2nd step: Paint days of the week letters your favorite colors with acrylic paint. Let dry

3rd step: Once everything has dried take a piece of white chalk and season your cookie sheet with it. Rub it all over then wipe it off.

4th: Now you can paint the word menu on with your stencils and attach days of the week letters.

5th: Hot glue bow to side of sheet, and hot glue round magnets to back of sheet.

There you have it a super cute menu board to display in your kitchen!