Week 4: Skype & Craft

crayon wallets

This week for Skype & Craft we worked on yet another Christmas gift for our kids. We go to church every Sunday, so we thought it would be great to have a crayon wallet for our kids to take to church. They can each have their own wallet, crayons and note pad to color in. This sewing project was so easy, and we whipped up a wallet in about 20-30 minutes. This is another great project for beginner sewers.

I can’t wait to give them to my kids on Christmas morning. They will love them I just know it!

You will need:

Two coordinating fabrics
Light weight quilt batting
Sewing machine
Hot glue gun
Small piece of velcro
Cut two pieces of the same fabric and a piece of batting to about 10×7.
Grab your coordinating fabric and cut a little piece that will fit to the bottom half of the inside piece for the crayons and another piece for the right side to create a slip for your notebook.
From here, you can choose to either sew these pieces on or hot glue them. (I chose to sew them both.) 
After you have sewed the crayon slip onto the front page of the wallet, sew 5 or 6 vertical lines to create the slots for the crayons.
Next, comes the slip for the notebook.  (Remember to leave the top part open so you can slide the notebook through easily)
Now that your inside piece is all set, pin together the outside and inside pieces with the batting. 
Sew it together inside out leaving what will be the right side open. 
Turn the wallet right side out again and insert a little piece of fabric for the latch.
(To make the latch, I just took a strip of the coordinating fabric, folded it in half lengths wide and then sew it together)
100_6210 100_6213
Sew the remaining right side of the wallet together while adhering the latch to the middle.
The last step is to hot glue velcro for the latch.
There you have it a great gift for a sweet little toddler to take to church, a long car ride or to a doctors appointment.