Week 3: Skype & Craft

week 3 skype & craft

It’s week 3 of my skype & craft with my sister. This week we decided that we should start working on gifts for Christmas. Christmas always seems to sneak up on us so quickly once October hits. Those few months fly by!

What could be any better then homemade gifts for your kids for Christmas. They will remember and keep those gifts forever. This week we made character pillow cases. My kids are in love with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. I thought they would most definitely love Mickey and Minnie pillow cases. My sister made a Cars pillow case because her little guy loves the movie Cars.


You need:
3/4 yard for the main fabric (27 inches)
1/4 yard for the cuff in contrasting fabric (9 inches)

1/4 yard of ribbon to sew along the seam of the contrast fabric and main fabric.

Sewing machine



1st: You need to cut your fabric out. Be sure to cut the fabric while it is folded in half because you will need two sides for your pillow case.

100_61702nd: Turn your main fabric inside out. Sew together the long side and one short end of your fabric.

100_61743rd: Take your contrast fabric and sew about a 1/2 inch hem on one side of the fabric

100_61764th: Turn your main fabric right side out. Pin your contrasting fabric inside out with the hemmed in facing upside down. Sew the two fabrics together. 

100_61775th: Flip your contrasting fabric over and iron it flat.

6th: Pin your lace, ribbon or fabric strip along the seam of the two fabrics. Sew it on to the fabrics.

100_6179Now you have yourself a great gift to take to the sick, a friend, a new mom, birthday party gift, Christmas, or whatever you want to use it for. This is a great sewing project for beginners. It will take about 20- 30 minutes from start to finish. Who doesn’t like crafts like this?? I sure love them!