Week 2: Skype & Craft

week 2 skype & craft

This is week 2 of my sister and I’s skype and craft session. We are really enjoying the time we have to skype while our kids nap, and also craft together. It’s hard to live so far apart, but skype makes it easier to be so far apart.

This week we made these super cute pumpkins out of blocks of wood. Brandy used bigger sized wood, but any size of wood will work for this project. Just be creative. Give these pumpkins character.

You will need:

3- 4 different sizes of blocks of wood

hot glue gun/wood glue if you want to glue some of your blocks of wood together


1-1 1/2 inch sticks/twigs for pumpkin stems

orange and white acrylic paint

sponge brushes

painters tape

sand paper

1: Paint your blocks the base color that you want. I painted two of mine white and two orange.

2: tape off the designs you want on your wood blocks once the base coat is dry.

3: Paint your designs with the opposite color of your base coat. I did dots on a couple of mine and just free handed them.

4: Once the paint completely dry remove the painters tape. Take your sand paper and sand all four sides of the pumpkins. Also sand the edges to make it look a little vintage.

5: Now you can hot glue your stems to the top, and tie them off with some ribbon or twine.

I love this craft because it was so easy but fun. It was also very inexpensive to do. My sister actually got her wood for free. Lucky her. Ask your local hardware stores if they have scrap wood. You just might get as lucky as she did.

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