Week 1: Skype & Craft

week 1 skype & craft

Sisters are amazing. It’s crazy how you can fight all during your childhood, but be just the best of friends once you are married with kids. I sure wish my sisters lived closer to me. I have two sisters that we are all 18 months apart. I am the oldest, Samantha is 18 months younger then me, then Brandy is 18 months younger then Samantha. Then 10 years after I was born there is my sister Bethany. Who is seriously so sweet. Our family wouldn’t be complete without her.

My sister Brandy & I really wish we lived closer so that we could craft together. She is super crafty, and I on the other hand am not. I would like to be more crafty though. We decided why not craft while we skype. Technology is amazing! Here is my sister, and seriously so cute too 🙂


We are going to be doing this every week. I want to feature each of our crafts on my blog, so you all can enjoy. 

This week we made a double-sided table runner. Plus get this it’s patchwork, but with out the work of patchwork. Keep reading my tutorial for this wonderful table runner to find out more. Enjoy!

Things you will need:

Sewing Machine



white, black or orange thread

4 different 10×18 inch Halloween fabric

4 different 10×18 inch Thanksgiving fabric

1 package of orange bias tape extra wide, double fold: 3yd/2.27 m

1st step: If your fabric is not already cut to length do this very 1st.

2nd step: Pin all the Halloween fabrics strips together horizontally, and all the Thanksgiving strips together as well. ( Pin them right sides to right sides)

3rd step: Sew your Halloween strips together and your Thanksgiving strips together.


4th step: Fold each the Halloween fabrics and Thanksgiving fabrics that are sewn together into even 3rds. ( They will both look like this)

100_60845th step: Cut down each fold of both Thanksgiving and Halloween fabrics that are folded into 3rds.

100_60876th step: Lay out your strips of each Thanksgiving and Halloween Fabrics. Have the outside strips be the same and flip the middle strip so it is opposite. Pin you seams together first , and pin outwards. Then sew your strips together as you did the 1st time around.

100_6088100_60897th step: Place your Thanksgiving patchwork and your Halloween patchwork right sides together. Line up all your seams as well as you can, and pin them both together. Leave a square length’s open by putting two pins and each end of the square so you don’t sew that shut.


100_60938th step: You are going to turn the runner right side out now. Do this by finding the spot where you did not sew together, and pull it all out. Use a pencil to push corners out.

100_6096 100_6097

9th step: Sew the spot together that you did not sew. Be sure to fold the fabric in though.

100_609810th step: Now to attach your bias tape for the boarder. This tape make for easy boarder making. All your have to do it place the fold of it and fold it over your runner. Like a taco almost. :). Pin it on because you don’t want to get sewing and realize you are not attaching it to the runner.

100_6099100_610211th step: Sew the bias tape on all four sides. Iron your runner, and there you have it! A decoration that is so easy, with a cute patchwork that doesn’t take near the work, and a simple craft you can do with your mom, sister, or friends just over skype. Good company while you craft is always a plus.