Wedge Salad


My husband was away for a school rotation and had his very first wedge salad. I had never had one, but had heard about how great they are. We decided to make one on our own. The first time we made them we just halved a head of iceberg lettuce. That time the salad really almost filled me up. I wasn’t able to eat much else. Depending on the size you prefer this salad could be used as a side for your meal, or a great lunch. We have down sized them since then. Hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

[yumprint-recipe id=’29’]I usually just put the dressing on the table so people can put as much dressing as they would like on their salad. Also this salad could be great with any sort of dressing. Be creative, and please share your favorite dressing or toppings for wedge salads are.