Update with: Painting Furniture

painting furniture

A couple of weeks ago and was given this great piece from my wonderful sister in law. It was a night stand that went with the dresser she gave us as well. We didn’t really have the need of another night stand, but we took it anyways. I am so glad we did. When I told me husband I was going to make it into out little entertainment center he was a little worried I think. When it was done he loved it. He said, ” I didn’t know you were going to paint it like that.” I love it too. Our living room is so small that this end table is perfect. The blue color also looks great with all the other decorations in the room. We love it! This being the first time to paint a piece of furniture I was a little worried. I just might have to do it again. It was so easy. It had two drawers, but I removed the bottom one to use for storage. Paint is a good way to update a room in your house.

All you need is:

Old piece of furniture

1 Qt of favorite color of satin paint ( use Behr brand paint & primer in one) I used English Channel Blue.

photo 3

A sanding block

angled paint brush

Small roller

paint pan

old sheets to cover floor

1: You will need to wipe down the piece of furniture you are planning on painting.

2: Now you will need to sand it with your sanding block. My table had a more shiny look to it instead of wood like. I didn’t have to sand it much. Just enough to make it a little rough. ( this will help with the adhesive of the paint to the piece.)

3: Now wipe the furniture off again.

4: Mix your paint and start painting. I use the roller for the majority of it. The brush was used the the edges. I did two coats of paint. Making sure that each was dry before adding more paint. Two coats was enough for my table.

5: Move it into your room of desire and enjoy!!