Tips to #GetOrganized

Wayfair storage products


I was contact by Wayfair’s Blogger Relations Specialist and she is challenging bloggers to share 2 tips that are going to help them stay organized in 2016. I have given this a lot of thought, because I really love being organized. However it is hard to stay organized for a long period of time. Wayfair has great storage boxes and bins that can help you keep your home always organized.

I most defiantly in organization purges quite often. I will get sick of things being un-organized that I start throwing things out. Especially old magazines or newspapers.  After a few months my husbands night stand is full of all his free subscription cattle/veterinary magazines and newspapers. It doesn’t quite bug him as much as it does me. I like to just have the current month’s magazine or paper on the night stand to read at night.  One way that I am going to try to keep the magazines and  newspapers organized is to use one of the decorative storage bins that have a handle on it. These storage bins are great for any room.


I use them to put all my kids books in as well. I like them better then putting children’s books on a bookshelf. The reason is because my kids are still very small 4 & 2. We are still in the dumping stage. It’s just so much easier then trying to keep the books all organized on a shelf because most the time they are on the floor. I use them for my children’s toys as well. They are great way to fit more in their closets of their bedrooms. 

Another way I use these storage bins is in my pantry. You can fit all the cookies, crackers or small container foods in one of these bins and it feels more organized to me. Then your kids or husband can just pull one of these storage bins off he pantry shelf and find themselves a snack. You could even label these storage bins as well. Wayfair sales a large Fabric storage bin with a label that you can right on to keep things organized.


My oldest, son who has Autism, needs to have his bedroom floor has to be spotless and no toys in site when it’s bed time. If there are toys left out to play with, he just plain wont sleep at night. He will be up playing for the majority of the night. We have found that these under the bed, short storage boxes like Wayfair sells work great for this. We can put all his toys in the boxes, put the lid on it and slide them under his bed. It works like a charm.


I hope that these tips will be helpful in your staying organized goals this year for your home. Now I have got to get to work on some of my closets. #GetOrganized