The Importance of a Facial Routine

Facial Routine

Many people forget about  the importance of having a good skin care routine.  Even if you think you have the perfect skin it’s important.  You will thank yourself down the road that you used facial products to make your skin even better. I know the popular belief is that you have to spend 100’s of dollars on facial creams and cleaners. That’s not true. Those expensive products are great. You can get just as great products from your local drug store, Amazon, Target or Walmart.

Sometimes finding the perfect product for your skin comes with error and trail. I feel like over the years of course my skin has changed. Products I used 6 or 7 years ago would never do the job now for my skin. Your skin is not only a foundation to you, but it is a canvas. Skin also helps protect the body from harmful toxins, and help moderate body temperature. The importance of keeping your skin healthy is crucial not only for ageless beautiful skin but for good health in general.

I wanted to share some of the products that I love and that work for me in hopes that they would be helpful to your skin care routine.

Kirkland Daily Facial Towelettes:

I use these almost every single day. You can purchase them at Costco or on Amazon. I will use them right in the morning just to get any dirt or makeup that was left on my face from the day before. They are great to use in the evening as well to get all your eye and facial makeup off before cleaning with a cleanser.



Apricot Scrub:

I have used this product on and off over the years to exfoliate my face. I usually use this when I shower. I try not to use it every single day though. It can be kind of rough and drying on my skin if I use it every day. I have used a Walmart and Target off brands of this product, and they work great. You can purchase it on Amazon for a convenient shopping online as well.


Clearasil Rapid Action Pads:

I really love these as well. I have used these since I was in high school. They work great when you have blemishes. They have a medicated formula that is great for fighting those nasty blemishes. I use them especially around my nose and chin area where I have that blemish problem at times. You can order these from Amazon or purchase them at any local Target or Walmart.


Biore Deep Charcoal Cleanser:

This is new product that I just added to my routine. I love it so far. It has a great tingling factor that I love. It smells great as well. I am already loving the reaction my skin is having to using it. The natural charcoal in it draws out impurities. Truly free’s your pores or dirt and grim.   You can purchase this at any Walmart or Target, and of course Amazon.


Ponds Dry Skin Cream:

This is also a product that I have used for years. It works great for a facial cream. It gives my skin that perfect moisturizer without making it a greasy feeling. I really love this product in the dry winter season. I use it daily after washing my face. Purchase it on Amazon.

Garnier BB Cream:

I have used this foundation for a couple of years now. It is so great because besides being a foundation it has a moisturizer and sunscreen in it. You can protect your skin in more then one way with this product. It also lasts me forever because you only need a little bit to cover your face with each day. Purchase it on Amazon.


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  • For years I had a strict routine for my skin care. Then about 10 years ago I started to get lax. I am now seeing all the damage done by the sun for so many years. I hate I backed off. I suppose it is never too late, eh? Thank you so much for linking at #ThursdayFavoriteThings! I look forward to seeing what you share every week. Please come back for #OverTheMoon on Sunday night. Don’t forget to comment your link #’s so I can be sure to visit and you get a chance to be featured! Pinned and shared.

  • I’m just now learning the importance of a facial routine. Towelettes are a god send!

  • OurMiniFamily

    I try to stick to a constant routine as much as I can, but some days I just forget to be honest! I always make time to wash my face, though!

  • Diana

    I am a big believer in having a skincare rountine, but Im still looking for the perfect products.

  • Allison Gallagher

    Skincare is so important for me….I invest a ton of money into quality, and basic products. Getting facials and making sure to have a routine is something that I always do.

  • I started regularly scrubbing with a coffee scrub like a year ago, and that exfoliation has made a Muir change in my skin’s health. I love it!

  • Being Bookish

    I use No7 Soft and Soothed Cleanser and Toner and then their Beautiful Skin Rapid Spot Rescue and LOVE them. Although after this review, may have to try the Clearasil pads 🙂

  • Mandi

    I do my routine at night. I’ve learned my face doesn’t need more than water in the A.M or it does more harm than good. But exfoliating and moisturizing before I sleep is where its at <3 thanks for sharing yours!

    • Charlene Bullinger Asay

      Thanks for stopping by Mandi. That’s great you have found a routine that works for you.

  • I couldn’t agree how important this is! I am so afraid of aging. I have a particular routine every night. 🙂

    • Charlene Bullinger Asay

      I dread the day that I get wrinkles!

  • Integrated Learning Strategies

    This is so true! I try to keep my nighttime routine consistent, but sometimes it is so hard when you are tired. I need to make sure I try some of these products. I bet they would really help, especially since I workout so much and it brings out pimples.

    • Charlene Bullinger Asay

      These would be great products for you then. Thanks for stopping by!