Testing Eggs For Freshness



Sometimes I don’t use my eggs right away after buying them. Also who knows how long they have been at the store for. There is a date on the side of the egg carton but usually they can stay fresher longer than that date. When making a cake or cookies you need to know that you are putting fresh eggs into them. Cracking a bad egg into your cookie batter seriously ruins the joy of baking cookies. I wanted to share some tips on how to check the freshness of your eggs.

By placing the egg that you are about to use in a bowl of water you can tell quickly. If the egg lies on its side at the bottom it is still fresh. If the egg lays upright on the bottom it is still fine to eat but you should eat it very soon. If the egg floats to the top do not eat the egg. It is no longer good.

 The reason why this little trick works is because of the shell of an egg is extremely porous. This means that it allows air into the egg. The more air that enters into the egg the less fresh and buoyant it will be. 

Another way to check eggs freshness is by cracking the egg on a plate before using it. If the yoke is still really round, the egg is still fresh. The less fresh the egg is the yoke will not be as round and will break easily.

Hope you can use these simple tips for check egg freshness in your kitchen. Please share if you have any other methods in the comments area below.