Sweet Corn Maque Choux

Sweet Corn Maque Choux

My husband and I were introduced to Maque Choux while we were living in Washington, living the student life. For some reason we had a Martha Stewart magazine coming to our house for a few months, even though we never ordered one. It was kind of fun to look through the magazine and see all the pretty pictures. We came across this awesome picture of Maque Choux. We thought what in the world is Maque Choux. I looked it up and Maque Choux is a traditional dish from Southern Louisiana. It is usually served as a compliment or side. A lot of the time people will just serve it as a main dish because of the meat that can be added to it. I have served it as both.

The first time we made it we followed the Martha Stewart recipe to a tee. Since then my husband and I have made it our own recipe by experimenting with other things. It’s a really great dish and I love to serve it in the summer time. A great Cajun flavor you can add to your family menu.

2 T of butter

1 1/2 cups of shrimp, tails off

1 cup of sliced sausage links

1/2 tsp of garlic salt

1 tsp of Creole seasoning

Cook the sausage and shrimp on medium heat until completely cooked.


In another frying pan add

1 T butter

1/2 onion, diced

1/4 small hot pepper, sliced

1 cup of cooked zucchini

3 cups of frozen corn

Brink to a boil to cook out some of the liquid.


1/4 cup of milk and bring to a boil again for about 5-7 minutes. Add cooked sausage and shrimp and serve hot.

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  • I’m originally from Louisiana and haven’t had this dish in such a long time! It looks wonderful! I’ll have to bookmark this recipe with the intention of making it again very soon.

    • CBAsay

      It is very yummy. My mother is from Jackson, MS so we use to have lots of Cajun dishes growing up. Love Cajun food.

  • dinnerthendessert

    I love shrimp, corn, and sausage! Sounds like an amazing dish!

  • oh this looks awesome! 😀

  • Martha Stewart has the best recipes! This looks amazing.

    • Charlene Bullinger Asay

      She really does. Thanks for stopping by!

  • Bookmarking! I wonder what I should use instead of corn… #grainfree

    • Charlene Bullinger Asay

      It might be good with yellow squash as well to replace the corn. Let me know how it goes!

  • Charlene Bullinger Asay

    I hope you enjoy it. It’s seriously amazing! Thanks for stopping by.

  • Carlyn Riggs- Bullock

    I will absolutely try this recipe – I love each of the ingredients, it has to be great! Thanks so much for sharing it here!