Summer Olympics Food Ideas

Olympic food roundup

The opening ceremony for the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio is this Friday 8/5 @ 5 PM! Who is excited for the Olympics? I am of course! Some of my favorite things to watch are the gymnastics, swimming and volleyball for the summer games. What are some of your favorites? I wanted to make it a fun experience for our family. I thought that I would make a opening ceremony dinner on Friday. I found lots of great ideas and wanted to share with you all. You can find lots more ideas on Pinterest. The options are limitless!

The Olympics have been around for years and years, and I think it is important as a Nation to join in this great event. It’s fun to enjoy it as a family as well and why not celebrate with food!

Olympic Torch Cupcakes

Olympic-Cupcakes.post_I have never made ice cream cone cupcakes, but they always look super cute. How fun are these Olympic torches too! I bet my kids would love running around with their torches during the open ceremony!

Simple Olympic Cake

Olympics cakeThis would be a perfect but easy cake for dessert to enjoy during the Olympics. You can’t go wrong with a yummy cake!

Olympic Gold Glitter Fruit Loop Cupcakes

Olympics-Party-Ideas-17I love the gold glitter idea and the fruit loops for the Olympic rings. Simple and delish!

Edible Olympic Medals

edible-olympic-medals-beautyThe kids would love these. You could hold your own Olympic games as a family, and these could be your medals!

Olympic American Flag Rice Krispies 

american-flag-rice-krispie-treatsIf you are rooting for the Americans this would be the perfect treat to celebrate their accomplishments!

I hope you all enjoy these Summer Olympics Food Ideas this year and enjoy spending time as a family watching them.