Suffering From Seasonal Allergies

Summer Allergies

Summer time is made for fun in the sun from sun up to sun down. We hate to have summer allergies hit us hard and make summer a drag. With just a little while left of summer before school starts you don’t want to miss a minute more of it because of your allergies. Sometimes people find relief once summer hits but then comes the summer allergy triggers. If you can’t cut your grass or pull your garden weeds without a achoo or two you need remedies to help to enjoy the rest of your summer.

A few ways you can help to relieve your allergies in your own how is to have your air conditioner serviced each year before using it each summer. Of course if you live in areas where you use your air conditioner all year long at least have it serviced once a year. Using hypoallergenic bedding and washing them weekly to minimize the allergens. You can remove un-needed clutter from your bedroom. This will minimize the dust to collect in your bedroom. When you work outside be sure to wash your clothing soon after and not have them sitting in your hamper for too long. If you have more hardwood flooring in your homes as well it could minimize the allergens in your home. Carpet collects a lot of dust and dirt. If you decide to put hard wood or tiles throughout your home you can place rugs to add that softness to your home. If you have carpet be sure to vacuum at least once a week to prevent too many allergens in your flooring.

When cutting grass and pulling weeds in my yard & garden I do get a runny nose & itchy eyes. I love to be outside so I need something to help me to continue to enjoy it. I can take a simple over the counter allergy medicine that lasts all day long. There are others though that can’t just use a over the counter allergy medicine. They need more! Dr. Summit Shah is a great allergist who your can refer to. Of course if you don’t live in his area your can use Linkedin to look up other allergist in your area to get help. The sooner you get into a doctor the better summer and life you can live with out the common Seasonal Allergies. Don’t keep those Achoo’s and itchy eyes going and feeling miserable the rest of the summer. Contact a local Allergist today!

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