In our family drinks are a must. One of our favorite drinks are smoothies. We don’t necessarily have our smoothies in the morning for breakfast either. We think smoothies are an anytime you feel like it drink. My almost three year old likes them if he can suck them out of a cup with a straw. I don’t know what it is with kids in straws. It just makes it taste better I guess.  My 10 month old just loves them no matter what way she can eat them. She just wants whatever the rest of the family is eating.

Smoothies are a great way to get multiple vegetables and fruits into your diet. The best part about smoothies is that your kids don’t even know that they are eating something healthy.On the other hand I tried to throw a little bit of a cucumber in a smoothie the other day, and my husband was not a fan. I do have to admit it wasn’t my favorite either. Hint for smoothies you can’t always hide certain vegetables from your husband. 🙂 I really like my Hamilton Beach blender, but any blender you have will work great for making smoothies.I usually use frozen berries because I can store them for longer then fresh ones. Some other fruits I add are apples, pears, bananas,dark  cherries, oranges or pineapples. Some vegetables I like to add are baby carrots and spinach. I like to have my berries frozen because I don’t have to have ice cubes to add to my smoothies. I don’t usually have room in my little apartment fridge for ice, so this is my solution. Here is one of my families favorite smoothies to make:

[yumprint-recipe id=’24’]Smoothies are a great way to be creative in your kitchen. I feel like its all a trial and error with smoothies. Really you can’t go wrong. It’s all about what you prefer to have in your smoothie. Try the cucumber you just might like. It just wasn’t going to happen in my house. 😉 We love this recipe , and I sure hope you do. What are some different things you like to add to your smoothies?