Smoothies Using Bingo


Make New Delicious Smoothies Using Bingo

Looking at the smoothies that are readily available today, some people have come up with the craziest combinations, yet they still manage to taste great. If you feel the need to get creative with your smoothies and experiment with different ingredients, here’s an idea that can help you while you are trialing new smoothie recipes.

Smoothie Bingo

This smoothie bingo game is really easy to pull off. It’s fun, releases the creativity in everyone, and at the same time helps people create smoothies that have never been produced before. To begin, all you have to do is to print off a blank bingo card. Then, instead of using bingo balls for calling out numbers, replace them with small pieces of paper that each contain an ingredient that can be used to make smoothies. It could be kale, tomatoes, mangoes, cucumber, strawberries, carrots, or anything else that you think of that can be a part of a good smoothie. Make sure to create at least 30-40 small pieces of paper.

Now here’s how to play the game: fold the small pieces of paper and put them in a box. Draw the pieces of paper one by one, and write every ingredient down you draw on the blank spaces of the bingo card. Keep drawing until you can fill up all the spaces on the card. Once it’s been filled up, decide on a bingo pattern (box, vertical, horizontal, etc.) and then mark that pattern on your card. All the ingredients that are under the winning bingo pattern will be used to create your next smoothie!

Sounds like something you’ll enjoy? It’s thanks to bingo’s mechanics that allow people to customize the game for other purposes. Today, bingo variants are plentiful, with many leading online websites offering popular TV and movie variants to their user base. Apart from the traditional 75-bingo game, there’s now Rush Bingo, Lucky Numbers Bingo, and a more modern one that was made from the hit show, entitled, Deal or No Deal Bingo. These are all variations of bingo, each incorporating their own unique on the original game.

So, go ahead and use bingo in the kitchen to create a wonderful new smoothie. When you do, make sure to let us know in the comments section below, what you created and if it tasted great.