Slow Cooker Christmas Candy Pecans

candy pecans

The rush, rush of the Christmas season is here. We are all rushing to get our last minute shopping done, waiting for packages to arrive in the mail and so much more. I thought why should stress and fret over fancy Christmas goodie plates. I went simple this year. Nothing I had to bake. It was very nice.

I made these candied pecans for the first time last Christmas for some of my son’s therapist. They were a hit then. I baked them in oven then, and it took me days to get the sugar baked on off my cookie sheets. I thought lets try making them in the slow cooker this year. It worked out great. How easy of a Christmas goodie is that!

1 1/2 c. sugar

1 1/2 c. brown sugar

3 T of cinnamon

1 egg white

2 tsp of vanilla

3 c. of whole pecans

1/4 c. of water

Note: I doubled the recipe and it turned out great!

Mix your sugars and cinnamon together. I mixed it in my kitchen aid so that it was well blended. Beat your egg white and vanilla with a whisk until it get frothy. Turn your slow cooker on low. Spray with non-stick spray. This really helps with clean up, trust me. Add the pecans to the slow cooker. Add the egg white and vanilla to pecans. Toss the pecans until they are completely covered.  Add the sugar mixture one cup at a time until the pecans are all evenly covered. You may or may not use all the sugar. Cook for 3-4 hours. At the last hour add the 1/4 c of water. This helps for the sugar hardens on the pecans. Once they are done cooking lay out on parchment paper lined cookie sheets to dry. Try to get them spread apart well because they will stick together if you don’t. They aren’t hard to break apart though also. Once hardened you can store them or deliver them to your neighbors and family.